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 Claudia's Characters

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PostSubject: Claudia's Characters   Tue Jul 22, 2014 7:27 pm

Name: Seung Dawn
Gender: Female
Age: 59
Citadel-nationality: From the Azure Tower
Profession: Azure Inquisitor

Seung Dawn was born of the Azure tower and trained from a young age in the art of the sword to channel and focus her power. (More to come when backstory is fully fleshed out). After becoming an Inquisitor for the Blue Suite she settled into a comfortable daily pattern and performed her tasks without much questioning. However, after growing and maturing she began to find her own stance on politics, relationships and interactions between towers. When the opportunity arose she befriended an Obsidian boy and took him on as her apprentice, teaching him to focus and perfect his skills.

Major Sky Arcana
- Minor Water
- Minor Energy-Channeling

Major Birth Arcana
- Minor Mana-Bending

Casting: Through practiced hands a flow of graceful energy comes to cast water and mana-bending. Calm and cool power from a wise soul. However, the sword at Seungs hip does more than slice through physical space. It has become a powerful channel to focus magic and deliver a powerful blow of energy in times of conflict. The metal and water are the perfect conductors for lighting energies to stop an attacker with a single swift motion.

Rumour: She's the military Mary Poppins. She convinced someone to defect to her side just by being nice!

Political Standpoint: A true Blue Suite Inquisitor. However, she is soft hearted and willing to forgive in the proper situation. This lends to an odd view of her from outsiders, many might think she is not fully invested in her beliefs, but she is loyal though and though.
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Claudia's Characters
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