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 Yuki's characters?

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PostSubject: Yuki's characters?   Tue Aug 26, 2014 1:51 pm


Title: That Crazy Girl
Gender: Both
Age: 16
Citadel-nationality: Azurite
Profession: Smith sort of?

Magus:  None, hasn't completed training

Arcanas: Unsure

Casting: She casts like a blacksmith would, with either big clumsy tools or small little precise tools. As well as a seamstress. And an acrobat... It's like one thing just won't stick.

Rumour: "She's not quite right, that one..."
"Every time I turn around, she's gone."

Political Standpoint: Vermillion Tower is so cool! But I get in trouble if I say that...
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Yuki's characters?
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