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 Amalthea's Character(s).

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PostSubject: Amalthea's Character(s).   Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:13 pm

Blue Suite

Vesta Aurelius the Uncanny

Title: Madame Vesta (she enjoys being called this), The Uncanny, Crackpot (she will detest you if you even utter that nickname in front of her).

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Citadel-nationality: The Azure Tower.

Profession: Librarian / Curator


Magus: Her grandfather, Alberich the Cunning, taught her everything she knows.

Major Space Arcana; Minor Object Manipulation Arcana.
Major Earth Arcana; Minor Fire Sphere Arcana.

Minor Object Manipulation Arcana allows her to move objects with her mind, however; she can not lift living organisms nor heavy targets.

Casting: Several hand motions into the shape of certain runes.

Rumour: We'll find out..

Political Standpoint: The Blue Suite. She is an Azurite through and through.

Religious Standpoint: No one knows, in fact; she doesn't know either.
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Amalthea's Character(s).
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