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 Rose's Bones

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Ziedas Flemmel

Rose's Bones Snap_tmXo4mveH8995101746
Title: The Gater, Portalist
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Citadel-nationality: Gilder on his father's side, and Obsidian on his mothers. He is fluent in both Tower's culture, having split his childhood evenly between the two.

 Red Suite  Septagram  Blue Suite
Neutral, with strong feelings about both sides of the war and their philosophies. Caught in the middle and unsure about pretty much everything.

Magus: Shared between both his father and mother, both of which knew a tinsy bit of "traditional" magic from their respective towers.

Minor Arcanas: Space->Gates and teleportation, Space-->Illusion and glamour, Construct-->Basic Runes for Enchantment

Anchoring: He used to use rune-enchanted rings on every finger to assist him with his gesture casting, but has since moved on to actually tattooing the runes in white ink on his hands. Ziedas wears gloves for this reason, as it is both a trade secret of his making and could be misinterpreted as a stigma.

Rumour: "Didn't he have a boyfriend?" "Oh, him? Godsend, really. Needed a Portalist to help with the war. Obsidian bastards are hogging them all." "Well... no. I mean, he looks like a Gilder, but have you heard the man speak?-it's like dealing with the Black Arche himself!" "He's no Don; just a Gutter turncoat." "Don't talk about my son like that you motherfu-" "Isn't he apprenticing a Neophite now? Bit young for that, doncha think?"

Religion: He is closest to the modern spiritual agnostic. Ziedas believes that magic is too wonderful and mysterious to be the work of humans alone, but humanity has lost sight of where it came from with organised religion.

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Rose's Bones
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