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Title: Old-Man Fusty, "That's SIR Mechanic, to you!"
Gender: Male
Age: 142
Citadel-nationality: Golden Tower - Born and raised
Profession: Head Construct Mechanic at the "Ol' Grease & Mage Construct Shop"

Magus: Fusty has been around, tittering away in the Golden Tower workshops for as long as anyone can really remember. When asked about who it was that taught him, he simply laughs and says, "Born an' raised by the damn gear-heads, it don't take nothin' special t' learn to fix 'em!"

The truth of it is, however, that Fusty hailed once from a high-ranking family near two centuries past. One of the simple automatons that ran under the command of his family name caught his attention, and admiration. At a young age, his obsession with the construct led to most of his youth (ranging from toddler to teen) being spent chasing after the assortment of mechanized beings that roamed the tower, and filling in as an errand boy for the preferred mechanic of his family. The man was known as Orius Albertrint, and he had an astounding reputation in the fields of restoration, maintenance, and upgrading. As any would guess, the boy was eventually taken under the chief-mechanic's gear-powered wing. Fusty's family took small pride in the fact their son decided on a future of grease and tools, and often would refer to this choice as an "Artistic exploration to better understand the common work force." Their full wish was that the boy would eventually break into a political role. However, to little surprise of any that knew him, the prodigy of a youth grew to be named the next head of the shop that Orius personally maintained.

On a minor note of Magus, Fusty has worked as a teacher to those interested. He has never taken an apprentice, but has on multiple occasions acted as a "temporary Magus" to youth that had yet to pick, or be picked.

Casting: Fusty used to use a set of specially rune-carved tools before his accident. Since the replacement of his right arm, he only uses the tools as back-ups; his primary form of casting being the magic-channeling mechanical limb he built for himself.

Major Construct Arcana
Minor Forging Arcana, Minor Artisian Arcana, Minor Metal Weaving Arcana, Minor Doll Arcana

Major Birth Arcana
Minor Nerve-Weaving Arcana

Rumour: "Sir, I understand you have a busy schedule, and are of an older persuasion, but- Wait... why do you have a wrench that large... I'm sorry, did I say old? I meant experienced!"

Political Standpoint: Fusty has been known to stand a true neutral. He believes that everyone has their rights and wrongs in how they act. There have been multiple attempts to bring him into debates or political meetings (His registered heritage and age both implying he may be of some help) however, he refused to get involved. He keeps his policy of neutrality by offering discounts on his services to any that do not bring political debate into his shop, and being open to business to each suit and tower unabashed.
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Klowdz' Kharacters
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