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 Tourett3s' Alter Ego.

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Tourett3s' Alter Ego. Empty
PostSubject: Tourett3s' Alter Ego.   Tourett3s' Alter Ego. I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2014 9:11 pm

Bishop: The Illusionary Illusionist.'
A.K.A ~The Librarians Arcana of Shhhhh..~
Tourett3s' Alter Ego. Tour_zps5a057cb5
Rumors~"He once told me that I could be anything I wanted, Just not a fish... ~
What a strange man indeed."

Noticeable Quotes ~" Can't you see I'm busy?"
"Seeing changes the concept, understanding changes the meaning."

Magus: Ludvitch: Interpreter of the occult.

Casting: After a quick incantation, his mind becomes focused allowing him to simply instill his will depending on the sort of magic being used. He is fond of simple hand gestures, and enjoys pointing to aim, but is reletively fond of the old index finger to the temple, just like his Magus Ludvitch.

Political Standpoint: "Read a book, you bunch of beast... Culture is knowledge, and politics are for the birds."

Arcanas: The Minor Illusion Arcana, The Minor Portal Arcana~

Discipline: Imperium~

Age: 25~
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Tourett3s' Alter Ego.
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