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 Battle magic: Not All Mages

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PostSubject: Battle magic: Not All Mages   Battle magic: Not All Mages I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2015 4:10 am


Please let me be the first to assure the hardened roleplayer stepping in from the harsh, barren plains of IMVU where everyone and everything wants to pick a fight with your character: If you don't want to, you don't have engage in any violence in the Citadel.

Certainly, violent things might happen to you if you decide to interact with violent parts of the plot - the army, asssassination organisations, political intrigue, the underbelly criminal market! - but as far as I'm concerned, you can also just play out your life as an Ivorem baker.

True, there is a war. War affects civilians, too. Your baker might have to succumb to rations. Your baker might have to take a political stand in who he'll allow into his bakery. Your baker might - gasp! - even have to hire someone to stand at the door, and make sure no more desperate soldiers come in trying to steal his bread!

But ingame? With your character? You do not, directly, have to engage in violence. If a fight breaks out, and you don't want to participate: Just have your character leave. And even if your character can't leave, if the situation is still uncomfortable to you: Tell the other players. If they know what they're doing, you'll work together to write out an ending to the scenario which is fun and stimulating for everyone.

I'll say it again: No one. Has to. Play. Anything. They don't. Want. To.

Now, with that out of the way! What if you do want to play a character who's violent? Why, you're absolutely, 100% welcome to! Just a few things:

  • Violent magic, magic with the intent to hurt someone, is something that has to be learned.
  • If your character has learned to handle magic, they have most likely been intended for a violent career path since early adolscence, when they first started getting their magic training.

When a character ends up in a violent situation, and you're all set to be a part of that situation, consider what your character is actually capable of. If they have previously been stated as a baker, chances are very low that they can properly defend themselves by magical means without some serious setbacks.

We can categorize violent magic in three ways:

  • Battlespellwork: This is the stuff of soldiers and other battle-competent mages. Examples of this would be the Minor Linear Nihility Arcana, and the Minor Ismat Magma Ignia Arcana.
  • Opportunistic spellwork: Say your baker knows a spell to bake bread, making a hot little magic-oven with his mind. Say he's in a very pressured situation, and he decides to use his mind-oven to scald someone's hands.
  • Raw Casting: Say this goes to shit, there's a spear of magical fire being thrown into his face, and he panics. Suddenly, every vein hurts, and he's screaming "NO!" while his opponent is instantly cooked into a scalded corpse. 

Those are ranked according to how dangerous they are to perform.

In the case of Battlespellwork: If you know what you're doing, and you have a spell ready for a violent situation; your mind will be clear, your focus won't break, and it'll be safe to cast the spell. Sure, you'll probably now be engaged in a magic duel, but just like a man with a gun knows how to put the safety off and on, a battle-mage knows his own limits - when to stop and when to push.

In the case of Opportunistic spellwork: This takes some real cold planning to perform, and most characters just aren't in the right state of mind to with willful intent harm someone like this. They'll most likely be shaking, trying desperately to concentrate, and even if it works the mere sight of another human being hurt can make the spell fizzle or - at worst - backfire. You don't know how the safety works, and you definitely don't know how many bullets you have.

In the case of Raw Casting: Raw Casting is akin to a parent seeing their child under a car, and lifting the car. Sometimes, it makes for some real, fantastic wonder spellcasting that no one thought possible of a simple baker - but... more often than not, it also ends in the caster Tearing or somehow hurting themselves, be it mentally scarring or physical such. Raw Casting is just as bad as lifting a car is; you muscles won't like you, and you might just drop the car on yourself. It's a knee-jerk reaction, and outside of your control.

Hurting other people, even in self defense, is tricky - and most mages won't reach for a spell, they'll reach for the nearest knife in their bakery. 

TL;DR: If you want to play a character that can battle, just choose a career path that contains battle, kk thx.

ps. And as always, you're encouraged to use a D20, to keep things fair. ds.

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Battle magic: Not All Mages
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