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 Kuja's Characters

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PostSubject: Kuja's Characters   Kuja's Characters I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2014 12:07 am

Name and last name:  Zara (No last name for now)

Kuja's Characters Snap_MnBJU1IFIt2064800831

Appearance:  She has bright brown eyes and has reflective raven black hair. Normally she throws it into braids.  Her habit of wearing dark makeup at such a young age is no more startling than the white tattoos which litter her skin.  She has a large amount of tatoos, even for some adults let alone a child, all in stark white permanent magic ink.  They're mostly all from just one fateful incident: Although many, her tattoos are beautiful.  A master hand or a discerning eye would be able to tell that the child did them herself, though.  The sheer percentage of her body covered in tattoos at her age makes her a bit of a spectacle.  Other children don't react the kindest. She often finds herself sticking her nose in grown up and political affairs, despite not understanding much of it at all.

Title: none

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Citadel-Nationality: The Vermilion Tower

Magi: Her father, as is typical of many Vermillions.  She's encouraged to study forging weapons and grow up to learn to create the famous Akarek anti-magic weapons.  Although good at what she does, she is a bit magic-shy and neglects her studies.... perhaps forging weapons is not her true calling..

Field & Profession:  it's unclear where her talents will take her.  The idea is that she'll go on to create those anti-magic weapons someday for the god-empress's army.

Arcanas: Major Construct Arcana: The Minor Doll Arcana, The Minor Forging Arcana

Casting:  Tatooing.  Inscribing tattoos, normally far before the time of casting as a meditative process with the intent of the magic in mind.  This intent and focus placed into the markings helps her draw out the same magic again and again with familiar accuracy.  Only she really knows what the intent behind each of the tattoos was.  Sometimes she may get out a means of marking herself to attempt something she's never done before, but she will not generally inscribe NEW permanent tattoos on herself.  At the time of casting, her tattoos appear to slither and come alive, emitting a ghostly smoke-like aura.

Aside for being somewhat infamous for having far too many tattoos for someone her age and the obvious assumptions people make of her and her upbringing because of this?  Other kids have snarled about her apparently manipulating dolls using magic.  Bringing them to life and treating them like they were people, and having them keep her company...  How odd for such a tomboyish girl, but yet, how typical.

After learning about the Tearing and witnessing some of the horrifying disasters and suffering due to the Tearing, Zara went into a reclusive and anti-social phase, and she began to neglect her schooling in favor of playing and being alone.  The Tearing bothers her so much conceptually that it drove her to an episode of a huge-scale self-tattooing.  In hopes of being able to use magic without coming much closer to the Tearing herself, she enscribed many things all over her body.  Only Zara knows what the intention behind the white tattoos meant as she wrote them.... She was thinking she could use the tattoos to cast without consequence, basically.  

Political Standpoint:  Zara was raised with good old traditional vermilion values and with respect for the God-Empress, and does so blindly.  Zara has a bit of an infatuation with the Ivory Tower which baffles people.  She's at a point in her life where she's still forming her very first immature opinions about politics. She has not yet realized enough about the world, and is impressionable, and liable to believe in rumor.
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Kuja's Characters
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