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 Z's characters

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PostSubject: Z's characters   Z's characters I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2014 12:27 pm

Hvet Aida
Z's characters 7ApxQod
Played by: Zeru
Title: He really doesn't relate with any of them.
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Profession: He sells some of his enchanted gems when he needs income, avoids it as long as possible
Magus: Hvet, doesn't like to talk about it. The man that taught him was no different than most of the other Gilders, he viewed his constructs in a very subservient light and that.. really pissed Hvet off. He played it cool growing more and more hateful of almost everyone during the time until he got his title and left never to return. Theji was his final gift to his master, and technically the end of his apprenticeship came with the creation of Theji. The bat winged smooth fingerlike cored construct became another servant to the man after all that he'd said about sentience and beings taking their place in the world and Hvet had it. He hasn't spoken to him since, he got what he needed and that isn't happening again.
Field: The Magnum Opus Discipline > Major Construct > Fluidity. Major Artifcery > Gemstone Enchantment
Casting: Most of Hvet's spells come from focus, vials, and a lot of time. He usually has to set all the things he'll need out in a specific order and hold one hand out to call the fluids to it pouring his magic into them as he literally stretches and pulls it into shape around a solid core of some kind of earth mineral. From there it becomes alive, the magic he's poured into the fluid and the power he put into the core solidify into the magical entity.
Rumour: Hvet rarely ever talks to anyone, he doesn't connect with rumours or even verify their existence most of the time. He doesn't -care- about anyone else. Humans in his eyes are not worth his time and can frequently be heard saying so. Hate? Maybe, for anyone who enslaves sentient creatures very likely. But being the anti-social anxious guy he is, he is unlikely to walk up to someone and tell them that. But that doesn't mean he won't mention it to Aust (Or even Deci or Nev) if that person walks by. He holds grudges, he doesn't give even first chances usually, and if you put one of his creatures in a situation where they might just be injured and a human where they'd die? He'd let them die.
Political Standpoint: Forward thinking is good, but that is the end of where Hvet agrees with his tower. He wants to move forward but this idea of enslaving has become something that he becomes more and more concerned with... at his core. As far as Sindrin vs Era? Destroying the seals is dangerous for as much as he wants to see if there -was- something out there, there probably isn't.
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Z's characters
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