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 Alyssaxxxx's characters

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Red Suite

Alyssa "Big Momma A" Drake

Alyssaxxxx's characters Snap_zN1gFCdZFH1477296028

Appearance: A woman in her early middle age, black hair (with some beginnings of gray in it), olive skin, deep blue eyes. Slightly taller than average, very well rounded figure. Outside work, dresses in opulent, rich garments with obsidianesque and vermillian influence. Wears a lot of jewelry to show her wealth.

Title: Spellbrewer
Gender: Female
Age: 41
Height: 5┬┤7
Weight: 550+ lbs., the exact number is unkown

Tower background: Born and raised in Obsidian by  Ivory parents
Tower loyalty: barely any. Leans a bit towards Obsidian because of personal history, but the power games between towers don't mean much to her, compared to her own survival and well-being.

Magus: Her father, Mario Drake, or Mario the Flesh Smith
Arcana: minor fleshcrafting; body enhancing charms. minor golem construction; theoretical knowledge of flesh golems

Casting: she produces edible/drinkable charms that improve the user's physical attributes, such as strength, speed or endurance, appearance, senses, or bestow abilities such breathing underwater by growing gills or giving vicious claws for hand-to-hand fighting. Minor enhancements are more or less permanent, but major attributes wear out once the consumed charm is gone (i.e. charmed apple lasts only as long as it takes to digest it).

Business: Owns her deli/kitchen where she cooks and brews her magical charms for those in need of them.

Rumour: Her father, Mario the Golden Flesh Smith was well-known if also quite the controversial figure, attempting to find ways to defeat The Tearing that threatens every mage. He managed to avoid Medicae's attention longer than most, and caused a scandal when he was finally taken away. Alyssa has claimed she has no ambition to follow in his father's research, but those who know her well (and can't keep their mouths shut) have hinted that she might have some personal project to defeat the impending fate. Only time will tell whether it's a fool's errand.

While maybe not being a big player in the political arena, "Big Momma A" is physically so large (and growing larger still) that she is quite well known by that fact alone.
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Alyssaxxxx's characters
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