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Milk's Characters Snap_ljnslYRpTL1739224543


Title: Corpse Keeper.

Gender: Female.

Age: 26

Citadel-nationality: Obsidian Tower

Field and Profession

Mortician. Someone has to get these corpses ready for their grand finale. Mostly deals with the behind door processes such as embalming or cremation, leaving others to actually plan and execute the funeral services. She prefers to work hands on rather than with customer relations. Because of her profession she has become well versed in Pyromancy, as well as in chemistry.



Reizendardt Amador-Ibarra (?MIA?) || Reaver (Owner of the Funeral Home she is working at. NPC)


Major End Arcana: Minor Flesh Decay

Major Earth Arcana: Minor Fire; Fire Sphere

Major Space Arcana: Minor Illusion, Minor Portal


If disturbed during casting, Devo will bite her hand hard enough to draw blood if bare skinned, or break the skin if wearing fire-proof gloves. The pain is enough to set her mind straight and clear any other thoughts.


She has a small variety of casting methods, depending on the Arcana she is currently using, but they all include her hands. In order to start a flame she simply snaps her fingers with her thumb being upright, effectively causing sparks of magic. She only needs a few sparks to get the fire going all through her hands, which she then uses to light the furnace for cremating the dead bodies. In fancier, private ceremonies she adorns an altar with lavish flower arrangements (or whatever else the customer might request garnish the open casket), as well as lace special chemical potions along the cadaver. If she focuses hard enough on the corpse, and snaps her fingers with both hands, she can cause the corpse to burst into a mini firework like display, or simply engulfs the body with roaring flames; depending on what chemicals she used, the flames can come in a variety of colors and intensity, without actually harming anyone or anything else in the vicinity.

For her Major End Arcana, Minor Flesh Decay, Devo must grip the corpse (or body parts) without her gloves on and allow the magic to flow between the two of them; this often results in her eyes shifting from their silver to a stark white; in which she can speed up the decaying process until nothing remains except for easy to remove black sludge. She'll usually include a cleaning solution in the cost. This is done much more rarely, and usually at a higher price. After all, Devo is the one erasing evidence of any foul play.

Finally for her Major Space Arcana she makes her hands move with fluidity as if whisking up the magic from thin air, usually in a circular motion.



"I hear she can't 'perform' unless they ain't breathing..."

"Yeah, not gonna lie, her obsession with dead people is borderline perverted."

"She's so comfortable around dead stuff, you'd think she had grown up in a cemetery playing with corpses instead of dolls, y'know?"

"If you looking to make an accident disappear, they're the ghoul you go to. Just tell 'em Grim Reaper Reaps Rubies and they'll take care of it for the right price. But you didn't hear it from me."

Political Standpoint

Devo cares nothing for the war or it's politics except for the fact she'll always have a steady supply of casualties to burn. She also cares little for laws, breaking them as she see fits, though careful to always keep a low profile.

Religious Standpoint

Despite being a born-n-raised Obsidianite, she focused on the Memento Mori Discipline, so obsessed with death and decay that she sometimes forgets the first part of the cycle, which is the beginning of life. Thus she could be considered an atheist, as she believes in nothing except the absolute end of all things.
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Milk's Characters
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