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 Dokkalfr's Characters

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PostSubject: Dokkalfr's Characters   Dokkalfr's Characters I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 19, 2015 1:21 am



Dokkalfr's Characters Snap_fPgqn0GiH31439643421


Title: Apprentice, Cuckoo "The undying bird", Jaw Breaker and Earth's Sentinel [BattleMage]

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Citadel-nationality: Vermillion Tower, born and raised.

Profession: Works as a smithing apprentice under Seigh'Rhou & as a long time Pit-fighter.


Magus: Old man Seigh'Rhou, grandfather, his deceased mother's father.

Minor Arcanas: Major Earth Arcana : Minor Golem's Pulse Arcana , Minor Saint's Fists Arcana

Anchoring: Afzar'Sakhr's anchoring serves him for more than just casting purposes, as it aids him in keeping the mental edge sharpened at all time. Fighters are probably more prone than any other to stand in the risk of having their focus lost in the heat of battle, by damage, wounds, pain and blows. Afzar'Sakhr's anchoring comes to life by the simplistic action of cracking his knuckles and periodically bumping his fists together. It keeps him grounded both magically and mentally, reminding him of why he raised his fists to begin with, and the consequences that may occur if he don't keep them raised.

Casting: Afzar'Sakhr's casting happens by means of martial-arts. He uses sudden and raw movements woven together in a flowing dance like meditation. The constant, smooth flow to his movements controls the flow of magic, whilst the burst of sudden kicks or punches that escapes the flow like a bird grazing a veil blowing in the wind, bulging it, projects the magic.


Rumour: "Afzar? Nothing but a trouble maker!"
"A good thing Old man Seigh'Rhou was there to pick him up, after what happened to his parents and all."
"I heard he survived the Fuchsia incident that happened some time ago. Your everyday lad wouldn't manage to do that!"
"The Rocky Ravager? Never heard of him...hush! not so loud!"

Political Standpoint: Afzar'Sakhr is mostly unconcerned about the political standpoint of the Red Suite, but he would most likely fight for them than to aid any Blue Suited bookworms out. And despite his clear lack of interest in politics, he recieves a clear joy from beating the nugget out of non-vermillians in the Pit.

Religious Standpoint: Afzar'Sakhr is a believer of the Allmother flame, but not to an extent that leads him to action in any way. In terms of practicing magic, the words of Ade of the Scales always spoke to him, the majesty and beauty of magic.

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PostSubject: Re: Dokkalfr's Characters   Dokkalfr's Characters I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2015 12:04 am

Lynn Nerita

Dokkalfr's Characters Snap_0wR5lhmCDy617249523


Title: The Scribe, Magus (Been unable to acquire a neophite), The Serpent's Heart.

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Citadel-nationality: Azurite, loyal by blood.

Profession: Scribe, Librarian [Mage]


Magus: Nerissa Ner, her Great Grandmother.

Minor Arcanas: Major Water Arcana : Minor Hyetal Hydra Arcana

Anchoring: To anchor herself, Lynn most often grips the book hanging around her neck. If it is ever not at her body, she can grab any piece of necklace in the same way and it will still serve for the same purpose. The Anchoring serves to keep her mind straight and her heart at the right place, as she is known to suffer from a bad temper. The anchoring stems from when she was a girl, when she always held her little book tightly in memory of her mother who were forcefully taken away from her. Even as an adult the scribbles about her mother is what anchors her, to allow her to be the profficient mage she is.

Casting: When Lynn casts her spells, it is much alike a conductor leading a great orchestra. Her moving hands and arms decides the flow to the weaving of her magi. And like a great play can move both soul and body, Lynn's casting can force the mightiest man ( or woman ) down to her knee.


Rumour: The biggest rumour regarding Lynn evolves around her mother, who were arrested under the claims for being a Vermillion spy. She was brought up by her father, but looked even closer after by her Great Grandmother Nerissa Ner, a woman of both political and social status, despite having retired from the political scene.
" She is never really observed aside from hosted events. It's like she is locked up in their residence. "
" The family owns a vast library, allegedly housing many a important documents that could hurt who knows who. "
" I'm certain her mother were of Vermillion blood, as passionate as Lynn is. She glows like those beloved melting ovens of those Red cloths. "

Political Standpoint: Lynn is to a certain degree political active due to Nerissa's influence over her, and she feels strongly for the Blue Suite and the Azurite cause, despite harbouring a secret passion for the Vermillion tower (especially their men)

Religious Standpoint: Lynn isn't very religious, as one would expect from an Azurite who've spent most of her childhood years locked up with books.
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PostSubject: Re: Dokkalfr's Characters   Dokkalfr's Characters I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 08, 2015 2:55 am

Androcles of Silver
Dokkalfr's Characters 2106051271
Dokkalfr's Characters Snap_pWThwZhKG81964013934

Title: The Silver Fox (Secretly the Phantom Fox for his up to no good business), The Protracted Speaker, Professor-Dull, McSleepy etc

Gender: Male

Age: 67

Citadel-nationality: Obsidian Tower

Profession: Teacher, Satyrical Play Writer, Diplomat, Up to no good & Magus [Mage]


Magus: Bonitas the Driven

Minor Arcanas: Major Water Arcana : Minor Burrow's Denizen Arcana, Major Space Arcana/Major End Arcana/Major Heart Arcana : Minor Hidden Tarot Arcana

Anchoring: Androcles places his palm upon his mask in silence for a moment. He keeps his mind on phrases, quotes and small golden bits of information that binds his mind to his values and sanity.

Casting: Like a great actor absorbed in his play Androcles places his left hand upon the crying mask that adores the shaft of his sword, whilst his right hand is held out before him, palm up, his tongue citing an old play or two, a low mumble.


"Like an old school, hippie-dippy speaker, Androcles teaches many a young Anna and Don with both public and private lessons."
"It is widely known that he writes plays, but he've never had any plays shown, maybe he lacks the right actors."
"If you're going to attend his lectures, bring a pillow."
"He flails riches as lies and laughs."

Political Standpoint: Those who do not embrace the teachings of the old Obsidians are astray.

Religious Standpoint: The Septenarius Disciples.
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Dokkalfr's Characters
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