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 Jazz's Characters

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Jazz's Characters Snap_1KjFUDhD531847768711

Name: Germaine Lilian Coleridge

Title: Nephyte

Gender: Transgirl

Age: 15

Citadel-nationality: Golden Tower

Profession: Student at Violette Academy

Magus: Her mother, who taught her in order for her daughter to aid those who lost limbs to battle and wanted new ones or those who merely desired new limbs to replace frail ones of flesh and bone.

Minor Arcanas: Doll Maker Arcana

Anchoring: Germaine finds her peace and anchoring by whispering the phrase "No one knows me but me." several times while moving her hands in slow circles (hold your hands in front of you with the palm facing the back of your hand and move them around each other.)

Casting: Germaine uses her mother's style of casting called "Circle Walking", in which Germaine moves her body in circular motions. At the start the material (and subject) is the center of the circle, with the limb touching it typically being one of her (or the subject's) hands. As the ritual progresses the material becomes more liquid, flowing down or into her body to the limb or organ intended for replacement. Once the material has become liquid and is in motion Germaine's movements are more inclusive of the rest of her body. Her arms move in long, elegant circles away, to or around her body. Her legs keep her moving on a constant circle with occasionally rough movements similar to moves one might use in combat. This ritual is to ensure the Replacement part is as flexible and versatile, if not more so than, the original body part. The process of limb replacement is painful, as the material must integrate with the body. If the limb is still attached and the replacement part is merely to take it's place then the process is even more painful as the subject must watch the block of material that is making their new limb slowly turn into flesh and bone of their original limb. (See: for what I imagine her ritual would look like.)

Rumour: There's a rumor that Germaine was born with a deformed arm and that her mother replaced it with a life-like porcelain copy in order to provide her with a normal life. The arm moves just as easily as a natural arm.

Political Standpoint: Unconcerned with the Golden Tower

Religious Standpoint: She is Agnostic, believing their to be some sort of higher power responsible for magical ability but she is otherwise unsure of what that being is and is doubtful the mages of the citadel could even comprehend a being of such power.
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Jazz's Characters
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