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 Aremus' Characters

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PostSubject: Aremus' Characters   Aremus' Characters I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2014 1:20 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Aremus' Characters   Aremus' Characters I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 13, 2014 5:57 pm

Zachary Pink, Hair Dresser Magnus

Aremus' Characters Snap_H4NGRxR8u71255936137
Zachary is a man that is willow and scrawny looking with a hook nose and always a cheerful sunny disposition about himself. His hair is long and silky straight and in a vast array of garnish bright vivid vomit inducing colors forming a rainbow of variety. He has many piercing and tattoos littered across his body and face and always dresses in a very eccentric style preferring colors as bright as his hair than the national blacks of the Obsidianites.

Title: Pink. Zachary. The Hair Dressing Magnus. Zach Attack (The Last he is trying to make a thing).
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Citadel-Nationality: Obsidian Tower.
Profession: Hair Dresser. Black Marketer.

Valdonna the Barber – A small business owner, Valdonna was an extremely gifted barber and could have gone very far but instead choose in opening up shop in some of the Tower’s worst neighborhoods. An active believer of social justice, she spent her life time running her business and united the other shop owners and artisans in that area into a small league to defend itself from bullies and extortionist.

Luminous Lorenzo – Valdonna’s Husband a practicing lantern Mage often crafting permanent light spells for tower spaces. Lorenzo himself had wanted to be a performer, never having the great talent for it required to make it anywhere large and settled something he always quietly resented. That resentment mixed with a substance abuse of a high performing light induce potion called ‘Lumi’ created a huge strain in the marriage and an eventual separation.

Arcanas: Major Birth Arcana: Minor Hair Arcana. Major Space Arana: Minor Light Arcana. Major Birth Arcana & Major Space Arcana: Minor Light Shape Shifting Arcana.
Casting: Zachary employs the use of grounded powders and herbs with magical properties. Hair is then manipulated by running through with hands and reshaped into the desired length, texture, hue, volume and so forth. Zachary possesses a small token that is the source of his light magic. A very small mirror is adorned across his neck along a fine chain of stainless steel.

Rumor: Zachary Pink deals in smuggling contraband between the fractured towers of the Citadel supplying mages with regents and components only found/created in opposing towers.

Political Standing: Zachary Pink is a mild supporter of the Red Suite and a much stronger loyalist to the Obsidian Tower though smuggling contraband into and out of these two nations would constitute him more of a criminal than anything else.
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Aremus' Characters
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