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 Talen's Characters.

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Talen's Characters. Empty
PostSubject: Talen's Characters.   Talen's Characters. I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2014 3:10 pm

Zachary Wickes

Talen's Characters. Op2xom

Title: Cap'n
Gender: Male
Age: Whenever you ask him, he is sure to give a different answer each time. He does look to be in his early twenties though.
Citadel-nationality: The Golden Tower
Profession: Repairs. You got a gadget that needs fixin' bring it on over! He can also invent or build things for you, for a price.

Magus: Zachary taught himself apparently.

Arcanas: The Minor Artisian Arcana, The Minor Portal Arcana, The Minor Illusion Arcana

Casting: He'll flick things with his fingers or click them. Seems his casting comes from his, well, fingers. He's got that magic touch, baby!


"He's so eccentric! Whimsical, capricious or perhaps even.. mad?"

"Did you know I caught him talking to that clockwork owl of his? I swear I heard it talk back too."

"Can fix anything, that lad. Just be sure not to make any conversation with him. He talks funny. I can never understand what he says half the time!"

Political Standpoint: If it isn't affecting this strange denizen personally, then he doesn't pay attention to any of it.
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Talen's Characters.
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