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 August characters

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PostSubject: August characters   August characters I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 25, 2014 11:00 pm

First Name: Roberto The Handsome
August characters Ee14
Roberto, is a quite handsome man, with blood red eyes, that seem to shimmer when the shadows drift across his face. His hair long and flowing down his back spilling over a waterfall of dark wavy locks, though the sides of his head are shaved as if he were of The Vermillion tower. The only colors you'd ever see on him were black white or grey, he thought all others were a waste of his good looks time. Though a very handsome man who looked as if he never stepped foot in a battle it was just the opposite all his life men thought him weak because of his beauty, and he felt need to smash their faces in whenever he got the chance. Aside from his looks he loved to go to the tattoo parlor whenever he got time to get piercings or tattoos, the controlled pain gave him quite an orgasmic feel.
Title: Conceited one, Handsome, Warrior, Bleeding Eyed.

Gender: Male

Age: If you asked he'd tell you 25, 26 or even 30 but never the true age he felt exposing himself like that would lead to people getting hurt, how he figured that one could not tell.

Citadel-nationality: Obsidian

Profession: Solider/Assassin he figured Hell smash faces and cast magic without getting into any trouble and be a sneak all at the same time. Sign me up!

Casting: Roberto learned over his years of being an Assassin how to use his space arcana without making such a wild gesture, with a slight twitch of his right eyebrow he could cast an illusion spell, with the left eyebrow and put his hands in a tent formation so he could teleport from place to place instantly. Now that differed completely from his gestures when doing Major Earth Arcana, with a twist of the spiked gauntlets he would control and or manipulate fire to do his bidding, and with Minor stone a blink of his eyes was all he needed scaring whom ever saw his face half to death as his blood red eyes would drizzle tears of blood down his cheeks a small river down a hill, though with this he had to be careful and use self control when blinking he wouldn't want to cause stones to strike random individuals on his off days or his colleagues.
The Major Space Arcana:The Minor Teleportation Arcana, The Minor Illusion Arcana.
The Major Earth ArcanaThe Minor Fire Arcana, The Minor Stone Arcana,

Magus: Roberto's magus was Roberto The Brave his proud father who looked to his son as an extension of himself seeing that the child took mostly after his side of the family when it came to the looks and the raging temper of his, his father trained him well in the Majors he gave him and showed him how to surpass himself, and how to control his powers so that he wouldn't end up like his mother who died because she lacked the power to control the strength of her magic and it slowly killed her, the Tearing, some called his father sick because he made his son watch as his own mother died to prove to him an example, he told his son "Its okay to cry but you must watch, and from there the tears of blood began from young Roberto's eyes others called his father strong either way he nor his father had cared one way or less (Let young Roberto who would try and rip your face off if you mentioned his Papa)after that, Roberto said it made a man out of both of them and his son agreed.

Rumors: "I heard he thinks killing is fun".
"I heard his blood eyes killed his mother".
"I heard"..... "That's the last of them". Roberto said as he would beat the life out of those that couldn't say things to his".

Political standpoint:
He stood with his fathers believes and held them to be his own and to be true "Obsidian or die"! "Unless your a woman then I see no towers". -smirk-
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August characters
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