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 Emmy's Character Catastrophes

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PostSubject: Emmy's Character Catastrophes   Emmy's Character Catastrophes I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 26, 2014 5:24 pm

Leopold Tyrane

Emmy's Character Catastrophes Snap_vI6Q9hoznc1245148318

Title: Leo, Ty (by family), Farmer Magus
Gender: Male
Age: 45 years young.
Citadel-nationality: Vermillion

Magus: Grandmother, Amily Tyrane, who still to this day keeps in touch with her youngest grandchild. If you see a sweater woven from homemade cotton and wool string, then you know where it's come from.

Field & Profession: Leopold is known among some as the man with the largest tracts of land, growing all variety of plant life and pretty much all of it is edible; golden apples with crisp sweetness, to delightful hearty root vegetables. His focus has always been in The Major Earth Arcana, with thumbs in the pies of Minor Rain, and Light Arcanas but always neck deep in the art of flora, especially the kind you can eat!

Casting: Leo doesn't do much with arcane runes, incantations or otherwise. One might call it channeling, but really it's a slow process, energy from start to end in a slow gentle flow. Seeds are sown and the long low-energy process begins.

Rumour: "A man really shouldn't have so many thumbs in so many pies! You have to pick a side eventually.." "In a bathhouse really? A Vermillion with two other men in an Azure bathhouse? Scandal!" "50 of them? Ludicrous, and all the same?" "What is a Thresher even? Why do you need one? Who farms?" "His family is fair enough, forge people...but where did he come from?"

Political Standpoint: Leo sits in no Suite's court, his products are wholesaled to anyone asking for them, both sides of the conflict are likely fed on his wide spread produce, like most major farms there are few competitors. His prices are set to the market and the market on either side needs what he produces, as the largest producer it's only natural that both the Red and Blue Suite are biting into Leopold's fruits. It does mean that he gets a lot of scrutiny from either side, a man who feeds the bellies of both armies may be seen as a bigger threat than those who arm them...for an army marches on it's stomach.
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PostSubject: Re: Emmy's Character Catastrophes   Emmy's Character Catastrophes I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 01, 2014 6:38 pm

Crane the Living Canvas

Title: Crane
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Citadel-nationality: Obsidian
Profession: Currently a bird at Fuchsia but he was in the past a room maker for the citadel, bending space to create more of it.

His mother Lady Tiberia Gander;
Arcanas: Major Space Arcana
Casting: Crane used to envision the room, drafting it onto paper and then using that draft to guide the magic into the rivulets of he edges and expand out the space to the proper dimensions. Now...well now he has no vision, and thus would be blindly casting and that could be dangerous. So he no longer casts.

Rumour: "blind? What a shame seems a waste of talent!" "Oathed his entire skin to a Vermillion artist? Oh isn't that absolutely delightful?" "Have you seen the tattoos, the move!" "Lovely bird, but I'd say he's got a bit too much pride, and perhaps more than his share of sarcasm..." "Ironic that a man who can't see is displayed as artwork..."

Political Standpoint: Unconcerned is an understatement. War is foolish, should drink, eat, and bask in beauty instead!
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Emmy's Character Catastrophes
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