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 oramus' character(s)

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PostSubject: oramus' character(s)   oramus' character(s) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2014 5:28 am

Wyn-Vaughan Cecil
oramus' character(s) Snap_qWoxA1zdh198110974
Title: Tywysog (Or prince, either works for him.)
Gender: Male, thank you very much.
Age: Twenty-nine
Citadel-nationality: The Golden Tower
Magus: His father, Urien Cecil, taught him most of what he knows. Not just that of the magical sense, but his die-hard politics as well.

Field & Profession: Wyn has always seen himself above work, but that's nothing new. Despite this, however, he does content himself by making servants to keep the luxurious halls of the Golden Tower pristine.

Though his father did not permit it his abilities lie primarily in the Major Sea arcana. The thought that he'd be closer to the  rumour of the sea excited him— well, that and the simple knowledge of basic human anatomy. (Though he cannot simply create water, he never learned how. He must use what's around him/the water molecules in the air. Thus, what he casts through— using the molecules as his receptors.)
Despite any dangerous connotations that might have, however, his only true use of it has been that of raising fish and studying the science behind what lurks beneath just beyond the waters edge.
Other than that, though, his father took to teaching him his pride and joy: The Major Construct Arcana.
Wyn grew up with his own personally crafted servants and over time he learned to make his own. Generally speaking he's always been a spoiled brat, and thanks to his father he's now learned how to keep the flame burning.

Casting: Wyn's mode of casting belies his ostentatious outer characteristics. With aggressive tearing motions throughout the air he weaves and pulls his magic like that of a fishing net.

Rumour: tba

Political Standpoint: He'd follow the Blue Suite to its demise. The Golden tower and the Blue Suite that holds it will outlast all others— democracy will reign and the Citadel will stand!
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oramus' character(s)
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