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 Koah's Character

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Niyol Vy'hase

Koah's Character Niyol_zpsd5d1fa99

Title: Keeper of the North Wind. Ammon.
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years of age.
Citadel-nationality: Azurite.

Magus: His eldest brother, Yarrow.

Arcanas: Niyol's talents show themselves in the form of the Major Sky Arcana and the Major Earth Arcana. Particularly in the Minor Air, the Minor Wind, and Minor Earthquake Arcanas.

Casting: The typical motif for Niyol's casting is the motion of his hands. A simple flick of the wrist or gesture of his fingers bringing him the bare necessity. It is however in his use of more than simple daily casting that he finds himself using words and more rough bodily gestures to bring about his desires.

Rumour: "The boy is a Red loving harlot!" Or so they say. Truth be told in his younger days he had quite the 'passionate affair' with a member of the Red Suite. In other words he acted as a scribe for them as they spoke and planned in exchange for books and tomes native to the Red which had been of great interest to him at the time as he was greatly focused in nature of both sides. The man he was acting as a scribe for was never mentioned even by the lips of Niyol. He never bothered to correct gossiping tongues of the Blue Suite... It wasn't their business after all.

Political Standpoint: Niyol could care less for the angers and pains of the world around him. His ideal is peace. Everlasting and lacking bloodshed. A world of beauty and not political games. He wishes for the romantic dream of a people united to one cause.
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Koah's Character
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