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 Reptilian's Character

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PostSubject: Reptilian's Character   Reptilian's Character I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 22, 2014 2:48 pm

Reptilian's Character 380NInc

Title:Ghost, The Masked Death
Gender: Undisclosed, presumably male
Age:26 years
Citadel Nationality: Obsidian

"In a coat of gold or a coat of red, a lion still has claws,
And mine are long and sharp, my lord, as long and sharp as yours."


His parents born of the Gold, found him a complete abomination. What horror; the rumours spread. He's a cretin, a beast, a monster birthed from the loins of a whore, surely. All his life, he'd been shunned and locked away from public eye, always wishing to escape. But, he never had that luxury of freedom. The day came when he was given the key to that lock, only to flee to a place he knew was as strange as himself; the Obsidian. There, he sought out those Gatemasters, the people that knew the Arcana to craft escapes. From there, he was trained by a strict but powerful Magus for several years, until he had perfected creating the true beauty of freedom.


The Major End Arcana

  • The Minor Pestilence Arcana
  • The Minor Deathspell Arcana
  • The Minor Spirit Whispering Arcana

The Major Space Arcana

  • The Minor Illusion Arcana
  • The Minor Portal Arcana


He'd always loved the way his fingers looked; long, bony, and haunting. Perhaps the albino makes up for his aversion to touch in the way he weaves his fingers to spin the threads of his magic. Runes crudely carved and etched into the placid flesh of his arms will shine green with the prideful manifestation of his Magiae. The pendant around his neck is often used as a focus point, something he needs in the midst of battle.


Some have said that he's a freak, other's whispers of some otherworldly being, just because of the defect he had been born into. The albino is used to the jeering taunts, laughs, and sometimes fear of other's because of the way he looks. Instead of get angry, he chooses to hide, to conceal his face and the rest of his body in the black that he calls home; black masks, black clothing, black shadows.


A neutral enigma, the albino is. Though holding resentment to those clouded by Gold that had shunned him, he will not discriminate.

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Reptilian's Character
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