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 Indubitably's character(s)

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Indubitably's character(s) Bahr_zpsfddd703e

Thanatos is a visibly young man, yet worn in ways one might expect to find in a war veteran.  Scars have been surged across his skin and cover much of his lean frame, winding and swirling in unpredictable yet beautiful ways, a product of the chaotic magic continuously erupting through the Broken Tower.  His eternally focused eyes, also apparently influenced by the calamitous magic, are manifested in white irises bound by a crimson trim.  Dark hair falls over his face, and is usually swept to the side to avoid interfering with his range of vision too severely.  His wardrobe typically consists of dark, tight fitting clothing that allows him both stealth in the cover of nightfall, as well as agility and full range of motion.

. : T h e . B a s i c s : .

Title//:  The Covenant Creator
Gender//:  Male
Age//:  Twenty
Citadel nationality//:  The Broken Tower
Profession//:  Thanatos deals in contracts of various sorts.

. : M a g i c . P r a c t i c e : .

Magus//:  Thanatos does not currently have a teacher.
Minor Arcanas//:  Thanatos is not currently capable of using any Arcanas, as he has not been taught any yet.
Anchoring//:  Thanatos does not currently know how to use any sort of magic, and thus, has not yet devised an anchoring technique.
Casting//:  Thanatos does not currently know how to use any sort of magic, and thus, has not yet developed a method of casting.

. : M a g i c a l . A r t i f a c t s : .

The Unbreakable Contract Quill:  Thanatos possesses a very unique quill.  One that, if used to sign a contract, binds the signer to the terms of the contract until it is fulfilled.  Once signed, all those involved in the terms of the contract will not be physically capable of willing themselves against it.  This is different from the Oath system, as there is no physical way to break the terms of the contract, and thus, no way to be physically harmed by it.  The quill has a very long stem, about nine inches, with an even longer feather protruding from the end of it.  This stem dispenses a paper that would appear to be rolled up inside of the stem itself.  The paper, however, can be dispensed endlessly, as though it were infinite, and cannot be written upon by any instrument other than the quill that is dispensing it.  The quill appears to be capable of writing on any surface or material, regardless of whether or not you even dip it in any ink.

. : C o n n e c t i o n . t o . t h e . C i t a d e l : .

Rumour//:  In some small corners of the realm, you may hear whispers of a man that is capable of controlling your will with the stroke of a pen.  This is untrue, however.  After all, it is the decision of those who decide to sign a contract with him, and therefore, their will in the first place to agree to such an arrangement.  These whispers are usually dismissed as the stuff of legend, however, as no known way of emulating such a feat is known through modern magic.  

Political standpoint//:  Thanatos finds that the current volatility of the land is advantageous for what he hopes to accomplish.  These can be desperate times, and when one is desperate, they are easier to strike a deal with.  However, he finds it is important that both sides survive.  The Blue Suit provides him with the opportunity to learn and practice many powerful Arcanas available through the residents and, of course, the extensive Library.  However, should the Red Suit succeed in breaking the Seventh Seal, it could possibly allow him passage to other lands and, in turn, more deals to be struck.

Religious Standpoint//:  Thanatos is an atheist.  He may, however, not reveal this to potential contract candidates.
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Indubitably's character(s)
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