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 Character sheet!

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PostSubject: Character sheet!   Character sheet! I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2014 12:36 pm

(to be written in the subject title field) 

How do they look? Always include a picture from the IMVU-client with the portrait-option of the client-camera. It should include the torso of the character, with a transparent background. Thank you!

A few notes on appearance: 
To wear your Tower's Crest Colours, indicate that you're either very patriotic or that you're in the service of the government - much the same way that wearing your flag in our world would point towards the same! The creed colour for each Tower is as follows:

Blue Suite
Azure and gold.

Azure AZURE TOWER: Grey and azure blue.

Golden GOLDEN TOWER: Gold and royal purple/purpur red.

Red Suite
Vermillion and black.
Vermillion VERMILLION TOWER: Soot-black and dark-red/vermillion.
Ivory IVORY TOWER: Off-white/beige and oak-brown.
Obsidian OBSIDIAN TOWER: Black black black and more black.
(Obsidianites are also somewhat of an exception, since they all seem to wear black, and not give a single fuck.)


Title: What does people call them? 
The formal ranks in magi education is "neophyte"/apprentice (a person who has not yet mastered their magic), "magus"/mage (a person who has been deemed a master, and is probably also teaching someone else), "arché"/archmage (the master of magic in their tower, and also the political leader), "rex arché"/Great Archmage (the leader of the entire citadel - but this title is currently under debate in the political conflict that has arisen).
With this said, a mage will most likely not go by these traditional titles anymore since it's a moot title in a place where they're so common; rather, their titles are connected to what they work as or what kind of reputation they have.

Gender: Male, Female, Trans, None, Both, Neither? 

Age: Most mages have a longer life-span than others, but if not workers of the illusionary arts or fleshcrafting, they'll probably look the part as well! They are, after all, merely human. 
Most mages go into the Tearing at around 70-100, and die somewhere around 150; but there have been reports of mages living for as long as up to 300 years!

Citadel-nationality: Which Tower do they hail from? And if not a Tower, where else?

Profession: What does the character work as? Their profession will most likely be tied into what kind of magic they practice.

Have you read all the lore? Have you read about the Arcaenum?
Good. Now also read about Battle magic.

Magus: Who taught/is teaching the character magic?
Often, a neophyte is very alike in their magical practice - although rarely an exact replica of -  their master, and will not only be taught magic but also be schooled in life-philosophy, political views and manners by their Magus. 
Most go into a Magus apprenticeship when they're teenagers, and will be picked up as students by someone invested into their education: mother, father, elder brother or just someone who has seen the potential in the character, like a smith that will not only teach them how to heat up embers with their spells but also groom them to take over their position one day in the forge. 
Some have had numerous teachers, but without dedicating one's whole-hearted time and effort to one Master in particular - it's hard to gain the Magus title from them! Once you yourself is a Magus, you can and is expected to take your own apprentice.
NOTE: This can totally be a None Playable Character! 

Minor Arcanas: What magic does your character use, and what Arcanas does it fall under? Please check the Minor Arcanas List to browse the available Arcanas (or add your own)!
Someone in their teens is likely to be learning about their first Arcana; mid-twenties they might have mastered it. Around thirty or forty you might wield about two to three minors, and so on.
The older the mage, the more likely they are to know more Arcanas, however take heed of the old Citadel-saying: Many Arcanas does not a mighty mage make. To dedicate yourself to one Arcana and completely master only that, isn't unheard of.
Commonly, your choice of a Minor Arcana is connected to your choice of profession and teacher Magus.

Anchoring: Key for any spell to work, is focus. If your focus is broken, the spell fizzles. Because of this, almost every mage has some subconcious way of Anchoring themselves if jarred mid-casting. This is often a quirk in the form of a gesture or a ritual of some kind, generally in the same vein as the casting the mage prefers!
It's said that the way a mage anchors themselves is a reflection of their true self, and in some cultures - particularily azurites - it's almost considered rude to notice what another's Anchoring is.
Example: Cracking your knuckles, moving your hands from forhead to chest, murmuring a phrase over and over.

Casting: How does the character cast their spells, lead the magic into the shape they wish for? What technique does the character use to accomplish their goal? This is often closely related to the Minor Arcanas they wield, as each Minor comes with its own pre-disposition towards a certain casting technique. With this said, innovation is always possible! No mage is the other alike.
NOTE! This is a PHYSICAL act, so use physical examples. Example: Julie's casting comes in the form of dancing, using various feathers and light fabrics that trail after her that mimick the pattern she wish the air to.


Rumour: This is where you can include saucy background info, or just the misconceptions of how people view you! Is this a character that has crafted, or been crafted, by what other people say about them? 

Political Standpoint: How does the character feel about their respective suit and tower-nationality? Are they patriotic? Unconcerned? Perhaps even a criminal?

Religious Standpoint: Are they an atheist, a true believer in the Allflame Mother or perhaps the Pool of Wisdom? Are they one of the disciples, do they follow a certain cult? 
NOTE: Religion in the Citadel has a lot to do with how you view the nature of magic, and a lot of the religious schools are closely entwined with the Seven Sorcerer's old Disciplines.

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Character sheet!
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