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 Wick3d's character/s

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PostSubject: Wick3d's character/s   Wick3d's character/s I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2014 1:08 am

Lydia Lovelace

Wick3d's character/s Lydia11

The scrawny young girl was often seen with oil smeared under her eyes as she felt a total badass with it on; her little war paint cover as she and Lynx takes on the world! Oh! Ok, maybe the world is a little big ambitious, just wherever there are sweets and anything that makes your teeth fall out! Lynx is a family heirloom, a cybernetic small feline with sentience of a wise homely cat. He is loyal to the person to whoever he was gifted to by the previous blood related owner; in this case, Lydia’s mother. Lydia is from a long line of cobblers who devoted their lives into creating constructs. She has an unbearable itch that she needs to scratch; that knowledge that there must be more to life than hammering and bending metal all day. The bored and inquisitive youth with her companion, set out to learn about the reality of life and the boundaries.

Title: “Loco”

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Citadel-nationality: The Golden Tower

Profession: Too young

Magus: Too young


Anchoring: Yet to explore this

Casting: Touch

Rumour: “Questions, so many questions” – “How does one small gal be this big of a pain in the backside??”

Political Standpoint: Yet to understand the adult malarkey.

Religious Standpoint: Which ever sounds the coolest to this young child; preferably the one that is the most funzor!
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PostSubject: Re: Wick3d's character/s   Wick3d's character/s I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 26, 2014 1:47 pm

The General

Wick3d's character/s Thebit10

Title: 'The General'

Age: 34

Citadel-nationality: The Vermillion Tower

Profession: General of 'The Shadows' military unit.

Magus: General 'S', previous leader of 'The Shadows'.

Minor Arcanas: Sense iron, this include the blood iron and by sensing, she pulls on the iron as it draws her towards it - giving a tingling feeling which can be increased or decreased by her will.

Casting: By putting her hand out as if to feel the air and sense the iron. She can also summon a small sandstorm which is casted by raising her arm as if to pull the earth off the ground, spinning her hand which cause the storm to be created; blinding/deafening everything within it.

Rumour: "She is addicting, in more ways than one - I must have that, I need it, please take me to her!" "You will only regret fucking her because you only want it more. And only she pick who she fuck.." "Sex, wow.. Erm, she can fight. Yes, she can stand her ground alright but the sex.."  "I heard she is in love with the Empress, not sure if it is true but that what the rumours going around. That she want the Empress's love."

Political Standpoint: The Empress's wishes are final.
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Wick3d's character/s
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