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 Factions for characters to join!

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PostSubject: Factions for characters to join!   Factions for characters to join! I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 28, 2014 2:07 pm

The Citadel consists, as many socities, of small groupings of people. Whether it's workplace colleauges or religious brethren, these factions make up the delicate political climate of the magi community - and as such, we'd like players to join them!

Below there will be posted active, playable factions that we highly encourage you to participate in! 

If you're interested in adding your own faction, let me know, and we can always work something out.~ <3
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PostSubject: Re: Factions for characters to join!   Factions for characters to join! I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 02, 2014 1:15 pm

The Septenarius Disciples
tower: the obsidian | room: opaque illusions

Factions for characters to join! Tumblr_n6bdln3Kpf1r4egvvo1_r3_500

The Septenarius Disciples, or just the Septenary, is one of the oldest still-living cults of the black-robed obsidianites. It's a spiritual movement that worships the original founders of the Citadel, the Seven Sorcerers, and attributes various elements of the world to their specific characteristics. According to the Disciples, the paragons weren't merely great magi whom laid the foundation of today's mana-practice; but they're almost considered the mythical reincarnations of the Stellaeri, of magic, that brought the occult mysteries to human kind.

The Septenary are primarily concerned with the Seven Secrets, believed to be the great questions that - once answered - is to unlock the true potential of the Stellaeri; birthing far greater practicioners of its wonders. Each Secret was ordained by each founder, although due its location, the Disciples have a tendency to count Atra - their own beginning - as the primary one.
The Secrets are as follows:

Atra of the Torn Cloak #1
"Oh magic, behold its veil."
Believed to refer to the illusion of magic potential, that no thing is truly real, and no thing truly unreal.

Ade of the Scales #2
"Oh magic, behold its colour."
Believed to refer to the majesty of magic, the beauty of its execution.

Alba of the Bone #3
"To never walk alone, on path of jagged stone."
Believed to refer to loyalty among magi, despite the harsh conditions.

Azyn of the Storm #4
"No power onto man that cannot be held in hand."
Believed to refer to the importance of control when using magic, and the possibility to achieve perfect such.

Acre of the Forge #5
"Tear it asunder!"
Believed to refer to the pure stream of magic, and to let it tear you apart (The Tearing) if it must.

Aurea of the Clock #6
Believed to refer to that no magic should ever be relinquished.

Argen the Uncrowned #7
Believed to refer to that all magic should always be relinquished.

The Disciples current Grand Maester is the Obsidian Arche himself; holder of many titles, he's known as a charismatic and easy-going persona in his Tower - but outside, his fame is miniscule. He and his followers, who are by nature all Diciples, are considered unimportant political players; and to this date, the Septenary has never been known to engage in battle.

Instead they are often spotted, these days, on social gatherings. They'll feast, drink and get violently intoxicated on the newest fashion, drug or bodily pleasure; in the way of obsidianites performing bacchanal rites in an all-together theatrical fashion. They're notoriously loyal, however, and it's said that the Diciples are the extension of Atra's cloak; the watchers of his Tower, ensuring none walks past their ever-shifting mirrored hallways.

Interested in playing a Disciple? Please do! No pre-contact is neccesary, but drop Skimmerskir a PM so she's aware you're in her clique!~

Current players: Skimmerskir, Edhen, xProphanex

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PostSubject: Re: Factions for characters to join!   Factions for characters to join! I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 13, 2014 11:40 am

Manus Pertinax
tower: (currently) the vermillion | room: none (yet)

One of the longest living military factions in all of the citadel. Its traditions dating back to, some say, even before its creation. The Manus Pertinax has always been the personal military faction of the Rex Arche. Their bodyguards and independent show of force.

During later centuries the Manus has somewhat changed a bit. Slowly growing more autonomus and actually having the right to choose not to side with an Arche they do not agree with.

The leader of the Manus Pertinax is Lord General Arthur Hollister. A man that has played the game of politics for many years. His stance on the current disputes are with the Vermillians, for now at least.

The Pertinax's greates weapons are The Metal Vessels. These are ancient magical artifact capable of permanently bonding to a host, filtering their magic through them and altering its properties. Exactly how this works is no longer known. There are five wielders of these powerful items, all working directly below the Lord General.

If you wish to be a part of the Manus Pertinax, just ask Skimmerskir or Sabawoyomu.
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PostSubject: Re: Factions for characters to join!   Factions for characters to join! I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 13, 2014 6:06 pm

The Council of Darkness
(A.k.a.: The Cloak Threads, the Eternal Eyes, the Mystery Weavers, the Old-as-Balls Club, the Coffin-Dodgers Collective, the Dust Collectors, Tearers Anonymous, Those Old Gits)
Tower: Obsidian | Room: None (yet)

Beginning originally as a group of particularly-old Septenarius Disciples meeting for a grumble, the Council has since evolved into an elite, upper-crust club of wise and respected Obsidianites...meeting for a grumble. Steeped in odd traditions and filled with kooky bric-a-brac, their club room is something of a wonder to behold and said to possess a stash more extensive and sought-after than even Diego Jimeneth's, alongside some of the oldest and finest bottles of alcohol known to man.

Tended to by some of the snobbiest Azurites ever to turn their noses up at a good blunt, and some of Alma and Cult's less creepy-looking Alamilla ballerinas, the Council are looked upon with some amusement by those who know of them, but like all Obsidianites they are not to be taken at face-value, and most certainly not to be underestimated.

The minimum age to be eligible to join is one-hundred, and hopefuls must also have something to bring to the group; be it connections, knowledge, employees or just some good shit to smoke. Members generally hold some standing in entertainment or the arts, and the club serves as a platform for many a business deal and such, as well as talk on current affairs. While there is no leader, and no member is seen as more important than the others, there is a symbolic empty seat for their Arche, the Grand Maester Luc, as a nod their origins and their loyalty.

Interested in being a part of this aged and badass establishment? Contact XProphaneX or StarryKittens!

Current Players: XProphaneX, StarryKittens
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PostSubject: Re: Factions for characters to join!   Factions for characters to join! I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 04, 2014 8:30 pm

Auratas Constabulariam
Tower: The Gilded | Room: None (Currently)

Factions for characters to join! Balanced_scale_of_Justice

The undaunting men and women in uniformed black, the Auratas Constabulariam are charged with keeping law and order within the Gilded Tower of the Citadel. The thin blue line between criminals that prey on honest citizens, they consist of some of the most streetwise and crime savvy police officers and investigators the tower has to offer. With a combination of both the latest innovations in magic and technology from the Gold Tower and the advance cutting edge in modern police work; the Auratas Constabulariam are a force to be reckoned with in their pursuit of the mage criminal.

The force is not worth it faults. Due to the political strata of Gilded Tower, the constabulary as a whole is often based more on who you know and what connections you have rather than merit and capability for advancement. This has made it fall under scrutiny these last couple of years, being accused as nothing more than a den of political stooges that are almost entirely removed the moment a new political faction takes hold of politics in the tower. Graft and corruption on all levels is also commonplace, magus using their position in power and authority to amass needed things to advance their own understanding of magic and their agenda instead of serving the people.

Efforts are being taken to clean up the police force: Standardized civic tests of merit and aptitude, restructuring of police organization, new regulations being enforced and spells being put in place to make corruption more difficult within the ranks. The most startling innovation is the creation of the various Bureaus of Inspectors, modern department magus investigators highly trained in the latest methods of criminology magic.

Junior Constable

These are the constables in training. Often assigned to a magus currently on the force, they are entirely comprised of neophytes. They have their own change of command, junior officers and chiefs in the event the junior constables need to be organized into a force to control a situation. Though this is exceedingly rare and only in the most desperate situations.

Deputy Constable

Any constable has the ability to deputize a private citizen as an officer of the law for a temporarily length of time. They are often given a badge to differentiate themselves with other parties which is returned after the length of time or when the constable enacting dismisses them. This is mostly done when there is need of a specialized mage that is not normally found within the force.


The rank and file of the police force, a constable is often an active officer of the law enforcing his beat and with a stern vigilance for trouble. Strangely enough, most constables are ex-criminals themselves or youths those grew up on the streets and are quite savvy to the tricks and tools of the criminal trade.


The lowest commanding rank in the service, a sergeant is tasked with the administration of a staff of constables often comprising of 10-20 people. In most rural areas of the tower, this would probably be the highest office in their local police force. In order to become a Sergeant an aptitude test is required to promote meritocracy in the ranks. These test vary on difficulty depending on the sophistication and honesty of the tower constabulary in question

Lieutenant 2nd and 1st Class

The lowest administration rank in the service, a lieutenant of 2nd or 1st class are often magus with some higher education, learning or high aptitude for magic; or older sergeants that have been approved to move further up the ladder. A lieutenant is tasked with the administration of company which often consists of five to ten staffs each with its own sergeant. Unlike the sergeant test, the lieutenant entry examination is standardized and uniformed. It often involves a good understanding of the law and police procedure, an expert display of magic and a workable knowledge of technology.


A middle rank in administration, a captain is a magus of high ability with at the very least a decade worth of experience if not ranging more varying on different constabularies. They are put in charge of a division which makes three to five companies. They often the unsung heroes of the department. Getting all the flack from the higher ups while receiving nothing but resentment from the rank and file bellow. There is a captain examination to take for being applicable for the office. It is like the lieutenant exam but more advanced.


Captain of a precinct, a police chief runs a precinct which often is comprised of three to five divisions of police officers. This are offices were the elite of the tower often found themselves are groomed for if police work is their career of choice. This is because unlike many of the offices bellow, Chief of Police has no unified way of being selected. In some Precincts that are large enough, there is an election where lieutenants and captains eligible to vote. Most of the time, a Chief is appointed normally by the Commissioner. The office is highly political and it is not uncommon to see in this sort of elision of the police force people serving with practically no or little actual experience in police work.

Deputy Commissioner

Second in command of the entire police force, it is often the Deputy Commissioner job to manage the day to day activities of the various wards and precincts. There had been times when there have been more than one Deputy Commissioner acting, labeling them as 1st Deputy Commissioner and 2nd Deputy Commissioner and so on as level of rank. Like the other offices at this elision this rank is appointed.


The head of police in the Gilded Tower, The Commissioner deals with executive decisions that concern the entire police force.  The position is infamously corrupt, making various clever newspaper people to quip that the biggest criminals in the tower are behind commissioner’s desks. The position is an appointed position.

Bureaus of Inspectors

Civil servants accredited by very specialized exams, the various Bureaus of Inspectors are the very core of the new modern police force of the gilded tower. Dealing with the very specific magic related infringements, oddities and crimes that occur in the Citadel, each Bureau is dedicated to a specific infringement or crime which they have an umbrella like authority to investigate. Some bureaus are extremely extensive having several sub bureaus operating under them while others could be comprised of a deputy chief inspector, and three other people. No criminal is safe to elude the sleuthing of these dedicated men and women.

Inspector 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Class

Each class represents a higher tier in the bureau. A 3rd class inspector represents an entry level position, the 2nd class a senior rank while the 1st is held by supervisory members of the bureau. The more 2nd and 1st class inspectors in a bureau usually means the department is much larger and complex to handle the herculean tasks affronted them.

Deputy Chief Inspector

This Magus is the head of a specific bureau. It is their job to manage their bureau at the very top levels and often directs the lower inspectors on where they should investigate. Unlike other higher ranks in the police force, a candidate for Deputy Chief Inspector is given excessive scrutiny for their capability in the position and is put under a microscope for any failings they might have in performing at the job.

Chief Inspector

The Chief Inspector is the head of all Bureau and answers directly to the Commissioner of Police. The position like the whole bureau experiment is very new only a few people holding that office. A chief inspector is very hard to remove from office once they step in preventing the bureau to be affected by political changes unlike other parts of the department. The Chief Inspectors job mostly consists of making executive decisions about the various bureaus, reviewing the choices for Deputy Chief Inspectors, be acting head of all the bureaus and have the very last say in all investigations.
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PostSubject: Re: Factions for characters to join!   Factions for characters to join! I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 11, 2015 1:31 pm

Factions for characters to join! Violet11
~Training ladies to save the world since 1006~

What is the Violette Academy? The Violette Academy is a faction your character can join within the realm of the Citadel. It's the single school of magical teaching in the entire setting; and lo, it's an all girls school! It's a towerneutral, politically controversial and very prestigeous institute where only the most gifted of young talents are allowed entry.

How do I join? You join by dropping me, Skimmerskir, a line or two detailing the idea you have for your character. Be sure to include what sort of area your character excels at! Preferably you'll already have your Citadel character sheet ready, as well as their prefered Minor Arcana (unless they're too young to have one). The Academy accepts students as young as 15, and as old as 30. 

What can I expect? You can expect lolita-swag, mahô shoujo action, cliques and intrigue - not to mention ALL the sisterhood. Gals being pals. Also on occasion actually just pals. On occasion.

Violette Know Hows:

  • Within the Academy, there are three ranks that a first year - who starts without one - can reach. These are Dame, Belle and Marquess.
    A Dame is a lady who has decided, in her second year, to aim for a more practical career. This can be anything from general to doctor; point is that they have a focus on physical work. They're usually associated with a knightly ideal.
    A Belle is a lady who has decided, in her second year, to reach for socialite heights. She'll engross herself further in different Tower etiquettes, the arts and the ability to appear weaker than she actually is. Belles are associated with a damsel ideal.
    A Marquess is not something you can choose, but that chooses you. Marquesses are those chosen few who in their third year are handpicked by the headmistresses to study politics and leadership. They're intended to become the world's front figures.
  • The Violette DOES accept people based on merit ONLY, and not only magical prowess. This can be anything from a display of excellent character, to outstanding grades in history. Point is that the character has excelled in some way.
  • There's a lot of classic victorian manners embedded into the school culture. Be prepared!
  • The school is politically dangerous to be associated with, as a young student without the contacts that come as a graduate. Choosing to attend the Violette is a bold or desperate move; one of their headmistresses are even wanted by the Inquisition!
  • There is no magic taught in the school until third year.

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Factions for characters to join!
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